Modular bridges & urban solutions
A project for the world

Who we are

Who we are

BestBridges is the Engineering Procurement Construction Management Platform that connects governments in emerging countries with Belgian SMEs which are driven by innovation and technology.

We supply modular pedestrian bridges and urban solutions in rapidly expanding cities to guarantee safety and improve quality of life.

Thanks to our independence, BestBridges is able to maximize funds allocated to its public clients.

This approach leads to a significant reduction in construction costs and allows an optimal return on investment for local governments.

What you need to know about us

  • We have more than 25 years of experience doing international business in Africa, Asia, Central Asia & Latin America with and for the public sector
  • We are a team with a complementary skill set and proven track record in running & developing international infrastructure projects
  • We have a unique perspective in managing infrastructure projects in emerging markets
  • We are experts in financing large and medium sized projects
  • We are active in 36 countries worldwide

Connecting people is our mission.

Building Bridges is our passion.

Build. Enjoy. Smile. Trust.

What we do

  • We supply modular pedestrian bridges and urban solutions that increase safety for all road users
  • We are driven by technology and innovation which results in lower production costs
  • We simplify complex procurement procedures
  • We support SMEs in a complex international environment
  • We reduce poverty and create added value for local economies by providing education programs to assemble our bridges on site
to succeed

Our partners are driven by

  • Innovation & technology
  • Cost efficiency and value for money
  • Fair Trade Certification (BS 10500)
  • Quality Certification (ISO 9001)
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sharing BestBridges’ vision

How we do it

Full Service Concept



                                1. Inception


                                2. Design


                                3. Financing


                                4. Manufacturing


                                5. Logistics

Local assembly

                                6. Local assembly


Cost Management

  • Quality control
  • Cost effective and on-time service provisions
  • Evaluate and update real-time cost estimations and cost management

Scheduling & Task Management

  • Capacity planning
  • Project and staff management
  • Budget planning
  • Risk Management systems through a matrix model

Quality Management

  • Framework agreements
  • Continuous monitoring of the project through BIM
  • Quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Control by independent third parties